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Watts & Hughes Construction does not operate outside of New Zealand and has no intention of doing so.


Welcome to Watts & Hughes Construction, your trusted partner for sustainable building practices in New Zealand.

With a commitment to preserving the environment, we specialize in construction techniques that minimize waste and optimize energy efficiency. From eco-friendly materials to cutting-edge technology, we bring the latest advancements in sustainable construction to every project.

Let’s build a greener future together with Watts & Hughes Construction.

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Industry Leaders in Health and Safety

All workers are provided health & safety training as well as a H&S Manual. Ongoing training is provided as Continued Professional Development (CPD), in order to increases the individuals knowledge, understanding and experiences for their specific role within our organization.


Watts & Hughes Construction is committed to sustainability through waste reduction, community engagement, hybrid fleet transition, energy and water conservation, and a commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050, emphasizing transparency and collaboration. These efforts are guided by our three pillars: planet, people, and prosperity, which are vital to our business.