Watts & Hughes Construction

Watts & Hughes offers a range of construction management services across a broad spectrum of construction sectors including civil, industrial, recreational, retail, commercial, residential, educational, marinas, government infrastructure, medical/health care and sub-divisions.

Through every step of the project, from initial design to completed construction, client requirements are of paramount importance.

Efficient in-house quality control programmes ensure the highest standards of construction are maintained while still keeping the project within timelines and budget controls. We ensure you have regular communications concerning progress and if you need answers fast, you can contact a Watts & Hughes director.

Health & Safety

Industry leaders

Site safety is of paramount importance.

Training reduces the risk

All employees are given safety training as well as information booklets and ongoing training is provided, including site by site assessments of any unique risks.

A Safety Management Plan is put in place, six-weekly Supervisor Safety Meetings are held and an external auditor monitors all projects with regular safety audits.

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Impeccable site safety record

Daily checklists and site briefings

Over the past five years, Watts & Hughes employees have had no serious injuries and no lost days from accidents or machinery failure. There have also been no environmental damage or pollution incidents.

Our aim, as a top construction management company in New Zealand, is to ensure our construction sites remain safe and productive workplaces.

We currently have two staff members who are completing the Green Star Accreditation training and we have one staff member who is an Accredited Green Star Professional.

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Implementing the guidelines

Reduce, reuse and recycle

Watts & Hughes implements a number of environmentally friendly policies around reducing waste, reuse of materials and recycling. With world awareness growing around the need to protect our environment, sustainable construction incorporating the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ guidelines makes good business sense.

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