New Zealand Wide Construction
Watts & Hughes Construction does not operate outside of New Zealand and has no intention of doing so.

Company Policies

By adopting and implementing robust company policies in the areas of Project Methodology, Quality Assurance, Health and Safety and Environmental Control, Watts & Hughes Construction is able to offer clients the confidence that their design-build construction project will be professionally managed from start to finish.

Our clients demand excellence and why shouldn’t they? With our vast experience in all aspects of building design and construction, Watts & Hughes has set in place careful procedures and processes to ensure excellence at every step from the initial design phase to a fully completed construction project.

Construction project management

Vast experience with developing project management methodologies.

We appoint a Contracts Manager to each development who then implements the Project Plan which includes the Construction Programme; Trade Budgets as well as the Site Establishment, Health and Safety and Quality Control Plans. Our primary aim is to ensure quality construction is delivered on time and we keep our clients informed at every stage along the way.

Ensuring successful projects

Quality construction is the key ingredient

We employ a range of quality initiation, assessment, monitoring, and completion processes, all to ISO standard, which are overseen by the construction project manager for that site. Each construction site has a Quality Control Manual that has been uniquely adapted for the particular requirements of that site. Our team ensures that all quality control procedures are followed.

Health and Safety Policies

"Safety First, Safety Always"

With a robust H&S system, all employees of Watts & Hughes strive to maintain safe and healthy work environments for everyone stepping foot on our sites.

Our motto is “Safety First, Safety Always

We are committed to ensuring that everyone on our sites feel safe and enjoy their work environment.

Contractors are pre-qualified through SiteWise or similar. Our expectations for H&S are projected on to our contractors from inception and throughout the project.

Watts & Hughes are also pre-qualified through SiteWise, Prequal and ISN.

Sustainable design and construction

Green design strategies and sustainable construction methods.

We offer our clients the very latest in sustainable building planning and building construction techniques. This allows us to incorporate a variety of environmentally friendly design features. Participating in the Green Star Accreditation training, developed by the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC), gives us full assess to the environmental impact of a building by looking at its site selection, design, construction and maintenance. We also implement a number of environmentally friendly policies around reducing waste, reuse of materials and recycling.