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Memorable Day for Flatbush School Students

August 8, 2023

What a fantastic day it was on July 28th at Flatbush Primary School for our tree planting event in which we partnered with Murphy Landscapes!  The kids got a super cool presentation all about how they can help the planet in their own way.  They were totally into it, learning about easy ways to be eco-friendly every day.  But the fun didn’t stop there – we handed out vegetable plants to all the kids, and they got their hands dirty planting them in the schools planter boxes that we refurbished for the school. It was awesome to see them excited about taking care of plants and the environment.  We wrapped it all up with a mouthwatering sausage sizzle.  It was a full day of learning, planting and yummy eating that left everyone feeling inspired to make a difference for our planet!