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Sustainability in Action: Partnering with Huapai Pony Club for a Greener Future

September 1, 2023

At Watts & Hughes Construction, we believe in making a positive impact that extends beyond construction projects.  As part of our unwavering commitment to sustainability, we are excited to share an inspiring collaboration that showcases our dedication to reducing waste and giving back to the community.

Recognizing the environmental challenges posed by construction waste, we embarked on a unique initiative to repurpose our timber waste.  In our groundbreaking partnership with Huapai Pony Club, our timber waste was ingeniously transformed into a series of jumps for their equestrian activities.

This collaboration embodies our values in two significant ways:  by significantly reducing waste directed to landfills and by enriching the community through functional and engaging solutions.  The Huapai Pony Club’s resourceful use of our timber waste not only aligns with our waste reduction goals but also demonstrates the potential of sustainability-focuses partnerships.

By turning construction waste into opportunities for local recreation and learning, we are thrilled to play a role in creating a more environmentally responsible and community-orientate future.  Our partnership with the Huapai Pony Club stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in bringing about positive change.

As we continue our journey towards a greener future, we are committed to exploring innovative solutions that drive sustainability in every facet of our operations.  We invite you to join us in celebrating this exciting initiative and stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing efforts to make a difference.


From Alan Shore (Committee Member from Huapai Pony Club) I would like to formally thank you and Watts&Hughes for reaching out to help the Huapai Pony Club with the various pieces of treated timber from your construction site.

I was truly surprised – and excited – to see the material that your site foreman had put aside, which inspired me by Sunday morning to start creating technical Cross Country jumps for the club’s membership. An 80cm single Chevron is finished and ready to use and a standalone double 65cm Chevron is nearing completion.