New Zealand Wide Construction
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🌟🏗️ Building Stronger Communities Together!

November 27, 2023

Our Christchurch team is proud to be working on projects at both Rolleston College and Riccarton Primary. But it’s not just about building structures—it’s about fostering connections and lending a helping hand where needed.

Recently, as our site team at Rolleston College began work on a new teaching block, we recognized the need to temporarily relocate Riccarton Primary’s cherished chicken coop. Our teams collaborated closely to make this happen smoothly.

Understanding the importance of the coop for the school’s much-loved chickens, our site teams from both locations joined forces. Materials were generously provided by our Rolleston College site to build a new coop, ensuring the chickens had a safe space during the construction phase.

This collaborative effort truly embodies the spirit of teamwork and community support. It’s inspiring to see our site teams working hand in hand to support not just the construction needs but also the well-being of the schools and their residents—feathered or otherwise!

We’re excited to witness the anticipation at Riccarton Primary as their new coop takes shape. The unity and support between our site teams serve as a testament to our company’s values of community engagement and cooperation.

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to work together, building stronger connections and creating spaces that benefit everyone in our communities.