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Celebrating Innovative School Projects at Albany Primary

December 4, 2023

Celebrating Innovative School Projects! 🏫✨

At Watts & Hughes, our commitment to education and shaping the future workforce is as strong as our dedication to construction. We’re excited to be the builders behind Albany Primary School’s new 20-classroom block, joining hands with the Ministry of Education, Albany Primary School, Jasmax Architects, and the incredible students!

Albany Primary recently ran a naming competition for the crane involved in constructing the new block. The winning name? “Metallica.”

The creative name was chosen by senior student Ella, who described it as fitting because “the crane is heavy and metal.”

As construction progresses, the enthusiasm among the students is palpable! They’re actively engaged in this journey, enjoying exclusive behind-the-scenes tours and even experiencing a virtual reality preview of the finished classrooms.

This initiative aligns with our ongoing commitment towards educating and nurturing the future workforce. It’s not just about building structures; it’s about empowering young minds and inspiring a passion for construction.

A massive shoutout to Albany Primary School for fostering creativity and hands-on learning! Together, we’re building not just classrooms, but a brighter future for our communities.