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Mary McLean Place (Social Housing)

Project Name
Mary McLean Place - Social Housing
$0.58 mil
Residential, Seismic Work
Christchurch City Council

Mary Mclean Place Housing Complex is a social housing complex located at 202a Opawa Road, Woolston, Christchurch. It contains 40 residential units which were constructed in 1969. There are 10 blocks on site with each block containing 4 units.


Mary McLean place suffered minor damage as a result of the earthquakes that have occurred in Christchurch over recent years. Post-earthquake inspections carried out by Opus International revealed that Unit 18 had suffered damage to the structure and was being stretched by about 40mm. Damage included cracking in the perimeter foundation and moderate cracking in the brick veneer.


The intended Contract Works included strengthening works to increase the seismic capacity of all buildings, checking the veneer tiles of venner at height (gable ends), re-levelling Block E and straightening the timber framing to relieve the residual stresses induced by the stretching action of the floor structure, Replacement of the existing fire walls in Block’s E & F (between units 17-18 and units 23-24) with lightweight replacements and the complete removal of the existing chimneys; Removing of chimneys to at least ceiling level and Cosmetic repairs.


The contract works were completed in six stages, with approx. 6 units being completed at each stage. The project commenced in January and received Practical Completion on the 09th of October which was approx. 4 weeks ahead of programme.