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Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant – Building Restoration Stage 1

Project Name
Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant - Building Restoration Stage 1
Christchurch City Council

The existing building was badly damaged as a result of the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes requiring demolition and replacement. The building was converted from stores to new office and meeting spaces. A new education/training center with kitchen and ablutions were carried out using the existing building structure with a small extension added on to the building.


New building services were installed in full including electrical, HVAC, security, communications, fire, plumbing and drainage. A complete new server room was built and installed, with fixtures and fittings to be built on site to accommodate some issues. Site cabling and connections – power and fiber cabling across the car park and connections to the existing site services separate locations across the carpark from each other


A new Communication Mast 30m high was installed with new concrete foundation, along with antenna/aerials and cabling to the new server room.


A new car park layout was complete to optimize the available carpark space by removing the traffic island. Reinstating with asphalt pavement, and provision of new line marking. While all of this was happening, we had to maintain car parking capacity during the works so that the plant still had parking for their staff. New Landscaping and mowing strips were also installed.


For the civil works – a new combined power and data service trenches traverse the carpark. Ducting and cabling into two existing buildings where the cables will terminate are required. Work was required to improve services for stormwater across the carpark. The stormwater and the water supply for the building upgrade was required. New sanitary sewer manhole and drains were needed from the new bathroom and kitchen spaces to a nearby manhole in the adjacent City Care access road.


Retaining Wall repairs were carried out to the retaining wall that is located adjacent to the City Care yard access road, and these repairs works involved crack injection repairs. One of the wall sections required removing and redone, formwork reinforcing and pour concrete