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Countdown Ferrymead

Project Name
Countdown Ferrymead
$11.0 mil
Progressive Enterprise

The work of this project involved the erection of a new 4000m2 supermarket and 260m2 mezzanine office, carpark and landscaping. Construction of an extensive gravel raft foundation design with layers of geothermal membranes due to liquid faction which required excavation of the 4000m2 floor area, 1600mm below existing ground level, a series of drainage pipes were installed to allow for any future liquefaction to be disbursed from under the floor.


The interior is typical Countdown configuration providing the full range of consumer products.  Retail and offices spaces are air conditioned using package units that incorporate economizer cycles and heat reclaim as energy saving measures.   An air curtain is provided at the main entry to minimize the ingress of hot air in summer and cold air in winter. Retail light fixtures are dimmable as an energy saving feature to take advantage of natural illumination through roof light when appropriate.


The supermarket floor consisted of a 150mm joint free canzac floor, which was poured in two stages. A mezzanine area was formed using rib and plank construction and provide space for mechanical plant, offices, IT, lunchrooms, staff areas and toilets.


Exterior cladding is made up of glazed shop front, precast, titan board, glass, reinforced concrete. The cladding is stepped in a number of locations and overlapping canopies at differing levels gives an element of interest and sophistication to the complex. The roof is a combination of “Kingspan” insulated metal panels and direct stick rubber membrane with significant amounts of roof skylight.


The late addition of a 43m2 self-contained pharmacy in the middle of the retail area, which involved additional structural steel, HVAC, Fire protection, security & data and an audit for a drug license.