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Countdown Hornby

Project Name
Countdown Hornby - Supermarket Alterations
General Distributors Ltd

The works were seismic upgrades to the mechanical, fire, CCTV, ceilings, lights, hydraulics, exterior signage including signage to pylon and repaint the exterior of the building.


Programming for this works had its challenges due to the bracing that had to be installed to the offices on the first floor. There was limited room in these areas with little space to install all the bracing for each individual trade. We started off with the trade that had the most bracing to install as they would need the most room to carry out the work. This changed due to COVID 19 and we had to implanted social distancing on site. We moved to one trade per room at a time, this allowed us to keep to the health and safety guide lines.


We had staging plans 1-5 for the works but were able to move into other stages as we were in constant contact with the store manager and he was happy with how we were working and therefore comfortable with changes we proposed.