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Division Engineering Warehouse & Office

Project Name
Division Engineering Warehouse & Office
$1.5 mil
W.W. Keighley & Co Ltd

This project was a new build of a 912m2 warehouse and 195m2 office area with concrete aprons to the exterior 800m2. The foundations were augured out due to both the size of them and the water table being so high.


Precast panels were stood to the warehouse ranging in height from 9m-2.7m. The office was constructed from 150mm pre nail. The slab to the warehouse was over laid on an existing slab. Structural steel portals were installed to the warehouse and encased in concrete and in the office a 150UB18 was installed and bolted back to the precast panels in the warehouse.  Both buildings had metal purlins and coloursteel room & wall cladding. Crane rails were installed in the warehouse, as the end user is a structural steel fabricator. Roller and timber doors were installed to the warehouse and aluminium windows and doors installed to the office.


All internal areas were finished in gib, stop and paint with carpet tiles and vinyl on the floors. A kitchen and shower area were installed. In wet areas a gib ceiling was installed and in all other areas we installed ceiling grid and tiles. A ventilation system was installed to the warehouse, with air conditioning to the office. A fit out of MSB and data boards were fitted to both the warehouse and office.