Evans Bay Intermediate School, AMS Block C

Project Name
Evans Bay Intermediate School, AMS Block C (Under Construction)
Evans Bay Intermediate School Board of Trustees

Replace all roofing and reconfigure student toilets to create unisex facilities and create a breakout space.

The roofing work will replace all roofing with pre-finished aluminium, the lower flat roofs will be re-pitched. Insulation will be fitted and clerestory windows where affected replaced. The north facing elevation will have the sunshades removed.

The toilets to one wing of the building will be reconfigured developing unisex facilities with external access. The work will include new sanitary fixtures and fittings, drainage, new impervious linings and finishes. Concrete decking and ramps will be erected providing access. The breakout space will have glazed connections to the outside and internally, work will replace linings and finishes.

The boiler system will have elements replaced including the expansion vessel and radiator valves