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Fischer & Fischer Optometrist

Project Name
Fischer & Fischer Optometrist
$0.04 mil
Fischer & Fischer Optometrist Ltd

This was a shop fitout within an existing building. The clients were on a very tight budget and required the most efficient use of their finances.

The brief was to build and finish new partition walls, place carpet and provide new lighting, power and heating. At an early stage this project scope increased, especially with regard to the electrical work. Watts & Hughes worked very closely with the clients and architect to achieve the desired result within the confines of our programme.

The clients also advised that some specialised equipment was arriving from Australia earlier than expected. We were able to gather up resources over a weekend to finish the flooring in one room to accommodate the equipment.

The clients were delighted with our attitude and ability to go the extra mile for them. Happily, although the budget did increase, we were able to keep the increase to an absolute minimum by putting some of our own personal time into the project. Great clients and a thoroughly enjoyable project.

Client Reference

Hi Andy & Co

Just a short note to say thank you for a job well done! You have recently completed Fischer+Fischer Optometrists fit-out – and it’s perfect. A small job, by your standards, project, but one with far reaching consequences.

Not only you have directly changed the lives of two entrepreneurs by giving them their own shop, but you have also, indirectly, influenced the lives of our future patients.

We couldn’t have asked for a more approachable, conscientious, thorough and friendly team to work on our shop. It has been a pleasure to see and work with every one of them.

Please, let your team know how much we appreciate your work!