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IAG Residential Repairs – 108 Idris Road

Project Name
IAG - 108 Idris Road
IAG / Hawkins

The 108 Idris Road project was extensive earthquake repair works to units A & B 108 Idris Road, Bryndwr. The works for both units included structural re-levelling works that comprised of excavation, concrete pits, disconnection of bearers/piles and house lifting on jacks.


Externally, the concrete slab in the both garages was removed and replaced. The weatherboard on the exterior of the units and the shared timber fence between the properties were removed, replaced and repainted. The concrete pathway was replaced and the shared driveway between the two units was replaced.


Unit A had works completed on the conservatory, including the subfloor slab was removed and replaced, and the aluminium joinery was removed and refitted.


Internally, all units underwent major earthquake remediation works, such as removal and relay of new carpet throughout, full interior repaint, reinstate all joinery and curtains/blinds, new plumbing fixtures and fittings in both the kitchen and bathroom, mechanical appliances were recommissioned, electrical fixtures and fittings were checked and refit.


The tenants were moved out during the construction works as organised by IAG. Watts & Hughes were diligent in making sure that the works were completed to the specific timeframes as to ensure the tenants were not moved out for longer than they needed to be