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IAG Residential Rebuild – 12 North Avon Road

Project Name
12 North Avon Road
$1.25 mil
IAG New Zealand Limited

The 12 North Avon Road project consisted of residential rebuild works to 5 units, including:


Units 4 & 5 demolished and design & re-built and the freestanding garages of units 1 & 2.


Units 1, 2 & 3 Repairs – Removal of carpet and timber flooring, removal of concrete landings to allow house lift, re-levelling works (excavation, concrete pits, disconnection of bearers/piles, relevel house lifted on jacks), replace timber flooring, Unit 3 – replace roof framing and cladding, joinery, interior painting, floor coverings, brickwork, exterior painting, replace fencing, plumbing & electrical (disconnection & reconnection of existing services), replace concrete landings and paths.


Unit 3 also had works completed to their garage including gib lining, trims, decoration and doors replaced.


Unit 4 & 5 Repairs – Foundation, Piles, drainage, Cross laminated timber floor, blockwork to external garages, ground floor framing and insulation, Unit 5 first floor framing and insulation, roof framing, aluminium windows, roof coverings, external cladding, electrical, plumbing, gib lining, interior decoration, kitchen installation, interior doors, external stairs and balcony, conservatory repairs, driveways, path and patio repairs, carpet and vinyl installation, timber fence repairs.


Tenants were relocated during the construction works as organised by IAG.