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JJ Richards, Lower Hutt Development

Project Name
JJ Richards, Lower Hutt Development
JJ Richards & Sons (NZ) Pty Ltd

Following a successful project in Auckland for JJ Richards, W&H were selected to deliver this project in Seaview, Wellington.

A single story building consisting of a truck workshop and an adjoining office / staff amenity block located on a greenfield site in Seaview Lower Hutt, Wellington. This project was stage 1 of a potential 3 stages forming JJ Richards Wellington Operation.

The building was a steel structured building clad in metal cladding. The concrete slab on grade was atop its concrete foundations over a 1m deep cut and filled subgrade. This subgrade was over a geomat and grid following geo-technical investigation. The office block was timber framed and had timber LVL rafters then clad in metal profile cladding and roofing. Internally the flooring was either tiled or vinyl and walls painted. A kitchen and operable wall were also installed.

Yard slab was about 6500m3 and used 1200m3 of concrete for the slab, Retaining walls was another 200m3 of concrete

Moved close to 3000m3 of material on site and installed around 180m of concrete drains which holds around 150000m3 of water holding retention for storm water

Over 250m of truck nibs on the edge of the slab