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Karori Normal School Redevelopment | Wellington

Project Name
Karori Normal School Redevelopment | Wellington (Under Construction)
Ministry of Education

Construction of new classroom block consisting of eight teaching spaces (Block N)

Block 2:

  • Demolition of WC annex
  • Refurbishment of ESOL room for new caretaker shed
  • Redevelopment of Block 2 for school funded project
  • Demolition of covered walkways
  • Timber retaining wall remediation
  • Services upgrades including:
  • Passive ventilation where practicable
  • Stormwater and sewer system
  • Electrical main switchboard
  • Fire upgrades
  • Landscaping works
  • Weathertightness remediation to Block 1L
  • Demolition of Block G

The works are required to be staged as existing buildings are occupied by the school, the proposed staging and constraints are noted as follows:

  • Enabling works including the relocation of any infrastructure located beneath the footprint of Block N. The Contractor is to arrange for a ground contamination survey of the area where Block N is located whilst the power cable is being relocated.
  • Construction of Block N
  • Decant Block G into Block N
  • Demolition of Block G
  • Demolition and construction work to Block 2 is to commence during the Summer holiday period December 2023 with asbestos removal.