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New Zealand Defence Force – Ohakea Aircrew Training Capability (ACTC) Hangar 2 Refit

Project Name
New Zealand Defence Force - Ohakea Aircrew Training Capability (ACTC) Hangar 2 Refit
Commercial, Education, Fitout
New Zealand Defence Force
Watts & Hughes were selected under competitive tender as the main contractor to complete the ACTC Hanger 2 Refit at the New Zealand Defence Force base in Ohakea.
The contract works consists of construction of the ACTC classrooms and offices for the training of the new aircraft systems. The construction of classrooms and briefing rooms are being built inside an existing gymnasium. There were also staff amenities included such as the crew room, change rooms, toilets and a shower. There were four workshops that were constructed / modified out in the hanger also.
Number 2 Hangar is a Category 1 listed Heritage building. Designed by the Public Works Department in 1937 and built during 1938 and 1939, the hangar has huge two-hinged reinforced concrete design arches. The total arch span is 83m, 67m over the actual hangar with 8m wide low-level service rooms on both sides. The 0.6m deep ribs extend into the ground for anchorage outside the building. The ACTC portion is to the North, or the rear, of the hangar. The main portion of the ACTC area is a former gymnasium.
The gym area was a large timber floor with double storey head space. Watts & Hughes constructed the rooms within this space using large hyspan timber joists, atop of which all the HVAC plant sat. The New Zealand Defence Force has strict security clearance procedures which W&H and all sub-contractors have complied with.