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Pioneer Sports Facility Stage 1

Project Name
Pioneer Sports Facility - Stage 1
Christchurch City Council

The first phase of the works to proceed was the removal of the existing parapet flashing, claddings and ridge flashings. The existing roof skylights were also removed and the openings closed off. The existing mechanical plant was decommissioned and the existing ductwork was carefully removed to be reinstated at a later date. New mechanical plant and ducting were procured to replace some of the units that were removed and disposed of as part of the works.


The second phase of the works was a new covering of the existing roof. The existing roof sheets were first cleaned prior to being treated with a rust inhibitor. A PIR insulation was then provided and laid between the existing ribs of the roof sheets with a TPO roof membrane over.


New parapet and edge flashings were then installed throughout the roof. The existing and new mechanical plant and ductwork was then reinstated with seismic restraints fitted to all existing and new mechanical plant and ductwork. Monkey Toe platforms and handrails were then fitted and installed to the timber upstands and walkway mats provided. All mechanical units were then tested and recommissioned. A new fall arrest system was installed after completion of roof membrane.