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Red Stag Timber, New Pressure Treatment Plant | Rotorua

Project Name
Red Stag Timber, New Pressure Treatment Plant
Red Stag Timber

New PTP#2 Building: The PTP plant and dry storage areas are timber construction with Iron clad walls and roof. The roof will have a code compliant wrap and netting lining to stop condensation and provide insulation. The internal roof and walls have exposed structural members to show case the timber construction. The entire floor area is reinforced concrete and the treatment plant operating floor area will remain unpainted. The south side road vehicle access area will remain unpainted. The bund area will be internally lined with fiberglass (and painted) to seal the concrete against process treatment chemicals and the bund area is to be leak tested in accordance with HSNO regulations.

The building has been designed with rain water guttering at ground level to collect roof run-off to storm water drains, except the access doorways where roof level gutters will be used if necessary.

The positioning of footings and securing attachments for all equipment such as the tanks, pressure treatment vessel, vacuum pumps, pumps and pipe work, and mechanical equipment have been taken from the plant designer’s drawings and instruction.

Office Building for new PTP#2: The office building will be two level timber construction and be positioned under the roof area of the new PTP building. The office building will have a concrete floor for the lower level. The lower level will house the changing room with lockers, showers, toilets and amenities suitable for the 10 staff on shift work roster. The upper level will house the office and a lunch room that doubles as staff meeting area. The office building will be fully lined and insulated in compliance with the building code. The exterior walls will be Iron clad with double glazed aluminum joinery for windows and timber personnel doors. Windows in the walls common with the treatment plant work area will be fixed pane.

Mechanical Equipment Installation: Installation of the mechanical equipment will potentially be timed for assembly to be completed before the roof sections above the treatment plant vessels are installed into position