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Taco Bell Eastgate

Project Name
Taco Bell Eastgate
Restaurant Brands

The project was a single storey, 225sqm timber structure with supporting structural steelwork to canopy and internal framing. A reinforced concrete rib raft slab has formed on top of an engineered fill sub base. This along with nib upstands for an external and internal timber wall framing formed the basic structure.


The external envelope of the building compromises a variety of different cladding types namely cemented, Dimondeck, Polycarb, cedar and long run iron on the roof. Some of the structural steel members are exposed at locations such as drive through and main entrance as feature.


The cladding has different heights within elevations along with stepping in and out to denote the change in material. The detailing of interfaces was one of the more challenging aspects of the build requiring several trades to be co-ordinated in order to complete the task.


As with the outside of the building, the interior complemented the variety of finishes by having similar for the fit out. They compromised of painted GIB, wall and floor tiling, Decortech panels, joinery to serving counter, metal screens, custom graphics and polished floor.


The exterior of the contract works was approximately 760sqm including an exposed brushed concrete drive thru with associated speaker station for ordering covered by a canopy, entrance paths, loading zone and landscaping.


Key client dates were achieved during the project. For this particular facility being the first in the South Island, emphasis was put on staff training which was run concurrently with the final completion of the dining area and external works. Separate entrance from the rear of the building was afforded to the client staff with separation from the site to allow change of principal contractor duties in the training area.