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Tauranga Hospital Renal Unit

Project Name
Tauranga Hospital Renal Unit
Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand
Construction of a new single storey building to house the Renal Facility, including earthworks and underground services. Refurbishment of the existing building for storage and services.

The Renal project was split into 3 stages. The first stage was to complete some enabling works to the existing T10 Renal building, this work was to enable Watts & Hughes to block off the main entrance into the fully functioning Renal building to be able to begin the construction of the new Renal T78 build.

Stage 2 was the construction of the new Renal building. This consisted of excavating out about 600m3 of contaminated soil and back filling with Engineer fill up the desired height for the new T78 Concrete floor slab. Once the floor slab was poured, we installed the pre-cut timber framed walls, timber trusses, metal iron roof, James Hardie Stria exterior wall cladding and once the exterior cladding was painted, we installed the retaining walls and concrete pathways.

Stage 3 was the refurbishment of the existing T10 building back into offices.