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Vodafone Building, Auckland

Project Name
Vodafone Building, Auckland
$42.00 mil
Newcrest Holdings

The Vodafone project was a concrete frame structure with dycore precast flooring and structural steel framed roof. Roofing material was copper sheathing and the building cladding comprised a glazed anodized aluminium curtain wall system.

The basement parking areas for the building were below sea level and the structure was located close to the boundary. Consequently Watts and Hughes chose to use a precast wall panel system with Volclay type waterproofing installed to the face of the precast panels when they were cast. This allowed us to provide the best possible water proofing to the basement space given the limitations of access. The current space operates well and is dry.

Building services were extensive and complex throughout the project and raised floors were installed on levels one to five.

Watts & Hughes recognized that the proper planning and implementation of the building services, including HVAC, data, communication and security, would be critical to the successful completion of this project. A specialist team was formed, to ensure all services work was fully, planned, co-ordinated, installed and commissioned to the highest standards and in a timely manner.

This project was located on a major thoroughfare and required special safety measures and traffic management procedures to ensure pedestrian and vehicular safety was not jeopardized.

Deliveries and operations were planned to provide safe, efficient working while minimizing any potential danger or nuisance to the public.