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Whakatane Hospital

Project Name
Whakatane Hospital
$5.90 mil
Medical/Health Care
Whakatane District Council

Stage 1: Learning Centre: $1.20 million:
An existing building which had previously been relocated from Tauranga Hospital was refurbished for clinical use and to include a library and conference centre.

Stage 2: Maori Health: $0.80 million:
Another previously re-located building, also from Tauranga Hospital was refurbished to accommodate the Maori Health Department.

Stage 3: Decanting Village: $3.30 million:
This included the installation of 30 portable buildings and covered walkways to house staff from buildings scheduled for demolition for the main upgrade.

Stage 4: Corridor Upgrade: $0.25 million:
This consisted of the refurbishment of the main corridors in the hospital including some fire compliance works.

Stage 5: Renal Unit: $0.40 million:
This entailed the construction and refurbishment for a new renal unit within the hospital.

Stage 6: Fire Upgrade: $1.1 million:
All works were undertaken in a live hospital and involved connections into the centralised BMS System.