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We take our waste serious

June 20, 2023

We as a construction company, are deeply invested in sustainability, had the opportunity to visit Green Gorilla’s Waste Processing Facility in Onehunga.  Witnessing the staggering amount of construction waste destined for landfills was a wake-up call for the company.  They were determined to take action and reduce their own contribution to landfill waste.  The visit showcased effective waste management techniques, inspiring the company to prioritize recycling and reusing materials.  It reinforced their commitment to sustainable practices, recognizing the urgent need to minimize the environmental impact of the construction industry.  We all know New Zealand is a beautiful country, with its stunning landscapes and pristine natural wonders, which is why the urgent need to take waste reduction to landfill seriously becomes all the more apparent.  By minimizing our waste and adopting sustainable practices, we can preserve the unspoiled beauty of New Zealand’s environment, ensuring its splendour for generations to come.