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Building dreams: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Builders – A Memorable Visit from Albany School Students

September 5, 2023

Olga Lozova – Project Delivery Manager – Capital Te Puna Hanganga, Matihiko – shared her experience on her visit at our Albany Primary School new teaching block.

“Beneath the warm embrace of a sunny day, the delighted laughter of Albany Primary School kids resonated across a construction site at their school. The occasion marked a remarkable journey for these young learners, as they embarked on an adventure into the heart of a building that would soon shape their educational future.


With the ground floor freshly poured in concrete, the students, adorned in hi-viz vests and hard hats generously provided by W&H, stepped onto the construction site with wide eyes and curious hearts. It was a unique opportunity for them to envision how a brand-new structure would take form from the very ground they had tread upon countless times.


Amidst the open expanse of the ground slab, the children gazed upon an incomplete canvas, with walls yet to be erected. Nevertheless, they could envision their new quality learning spaces taking shape as they looked at the building model through a virtual reality software. Each beam and corner hinted at the exciting possibilities that lay ahead.


But before the final masterpiece could emerge, the kids were treated to a virtual journey through the architectural renderings of the upcoming building. A QR code unlocked panoramic renderings, allowing them to explore the spaces that would soon become their classrooms. The architects from Jasmax guided them through this captivating virtual reality experience, explaining the layout and answering their inquisitive questions.


This stunning visualization was made possible by Enscape, a plugin of Jasmax’s Revit 3D modelling software, showcasing the incredible tools of modern construction. As technology seamlessly blended with the tangible, the children gained a deeper understanding of the transformation unfolding before their eyes.


W&H, the main contractors of the project, ensured the safety of the young visitors and guided them during their exploration of the site. With their protective gear in place, the children watched in awe as concrete was poured by a massive pump, the once shapeless substance turning into the foundation of their future.


The school’s Principal stood before the students, delivering an inspiring speech that illuminated the collaborative efforts of everyone involved in the project. Architects, builders, project managers, and the Ministry of Education each play a pivotal role in crafting this new educational haven. It was a lesson in teamwork, dedication, and the power of collective contribution.


Among the construction professionals, it was heartening to see a strong presence of women in various roles. Architects and project managers stood side by side, united by a shared goal: to create an exceptional learning space for their community. This collective spirit resonated with everyone present, a testament to the transformative power of collaboration.


Under the clear blue sky, with the sun shining down, the young faces beamed with joy, embodying the spirit of curiosity and growth. The project team watched on, inspired by the future they were helping to shape, a future filled with endless possibilities and opportunities for these eager learners.


As the day came to an end, one thing was clear: the journey of building dreams was well underway, and these young hearts were at the heart of it all.”