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Building a Buzz

February 29, 2024

Here at Watts and Hughes Construction, we’re passionate about supporting our local communities and the environment. Recently, we had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Remuera Golf Club, located near a beautiful wetland and bird reserve. We were inspired by their project to enhance the local ecosystem by introducing beehives to the golf course. Bees are crucial for pollination and biodiversity and we knew we had to get involved.

In line with our commitment to sustainability and community, we decided to donate surplus Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF) to help build bee homes on the golf course. These homes will provide shelter and nesting sites, supporting bee populations and promoting ecological resilience in the area.

This initiative aligns perfectly with Remeura Golf Club environmental goals, who are proud to be a GEO (Golf Environment Organization) site (https://sustainable.golf/). “It’s not just about nature; it’s also about building relationships with like-minded companies in our supply chain and promoting recycling practices” says Spencer Cooper (Superintendent – Remuera Golf Club).

We’re excited to see the positive impact of our collaboration with the golf club as the bee homes are constructed and bees thrive in their new habitats. Together, we’re making a difference for the environment and creating a greener, more vibrant community for everyone.