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AC Baths Stage 2 Refurbishment

Project Name
AC Baths Stage 2 Refurbishment
$2.53 mil
Remedial Works
Taupo District Council

The stage 2 refurbishment of the AC Baths in Taupo included works to an existing building which houses a leasure pool, a learn-to-swim pool, change rooms and a cafeteria.

The scope of works included the total removal of the roof covering the leisure pool, leaving Glulam rafters in place and partially recladding the roof with translucent roofing and sun shades.

In the learn-to-swim area the existing roof was replaced, 150 mm high concrete nibs were installed to exterior walls and partitions were installed in wet areas. The same was done in the change room ares and Traxite was applied to all nibs, floors and walls.

A new arrivals/cafe building was constructed as an extension to the existing building. A new cafe was to be built after the completion of the original contract.

All services including mechanical, electrical, pluming, drainage and fire services were also upgraded.