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Apata New Coolstore 9, 10 & Repacking Warehouse

Project Name
Apata New Coolstore 9, 10 & Repacking Warehouse
$6.60 mil
Apata Group Ltd

Watts & Hughes was selected as the main contractor to carry out the design build of Coolstore 9 for the Apata Group. This project commenced in January 2015 and the construction encompassed three multi-purpose coolstore buildings including entry loading, storage canopy and loading area for storage of avocadoes and kiwifruit. The key components used in this project were insulated slab-on-grade foundation, insulated panels (external walls and roof cover) and galvanised portal framing.

A large plant area and building were also constructed with a galvanised plant platform structure.

Watts & Hughes Construction co-ordinated with the fitout team for the refrigeration, electrical and mechanical services. This project was completed in April 2015 at a cost of $1.6 mil.

In November Watts & Hughes started construction on Coolstore 10 located at the same site. This coolstore consists of three large coolstore rooms split into nine key areas including seven cool rooms, one conditioning room and a purpose-built load-out room which includes a double loading dock area. The overall floor area is 4,320 m2 with extra roof height to accommodate larger pallet height to optimise storage and transport costs.

In addition to this a stand-alone repacking building was also constructed which includes a canteen and wash room facilities for staff. The overall area of this building is 900 m2 with a 160 m2 mezzanine area. There are also three large concrete yard areas, each covered by portal framed canopies.

This project was completed in May 2016 at a total cost of $5.10 mil.