Lot 4, Waterloo Business Park Warehouses

Project Name
Lot 4, Waterloo Business Park Development
Islington Property Investments Ltd

The construction of two new warehouses, one of these warehouses was divided into two – B1 & B2.


Unit B as a whole is a precast and structural steel structure. Precast panels extend from 3m to 11m high with column legs sized up to 610UC. The roof and exterior cladding is steel long-run.


Unit B1 was constructed as a truck wash, so the floor area had channel drains, requiring different floor levels and a 1.5m deep sump pit to allow the water to be managed. There was also a steam bay area with a full height steel clad wall dividing it from the truck wash area. The floor area is 1050m2. As well as a lunch room, toilet and shower room there is a storeroom and an exterior base holding storage tanks for the water system. The adjacent office area covers 100m2, comprising two stories with full height glass to the front.


Unit B2 was constructed as a warehouse for rent, not having a locked-in tenant at the time of construction. The warehouse floor area is 1470m2 with an office space of 200m2, also two stories high with kitchen, toilets and showers. With full height glass to the front, the cladding is NZ designer brick with ACA panel soffits.


Unit A is similar in construction to Unit B2. The precast ranged from 3m to 7m high and the overall area is 1000m2. Within the warehouse a kitchen, toilet and shower area were constructed. The showroom that faces Pound Road covers 300m2 and has 4m high joinery on all sides with full height automatic doors.


We connected to the existing 200mm water main to feed the buildings. Stormwater and wastewater lines went from 150mm–300mm in a system with sumps, the soak pit and filter chambers.


The hardscaping to the area comprised of asphalt with concrete footpaths.