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Countdown Penrose eStore

Project Name
Countdown Penrose eStore
General Distributors
The site is located within a mix residential commercial zoning. The project is a dedicated online distribution centre serving the wider Auckland area and is the first of its kind within New Zealand for Countdown. Countdown has leased the existing 1000m2 property for approximately 3 years and completed a simple refurbishment to facilitate their requirement. Based on minimal procurement duration available, Countdown desired to negotiate this contract with Watts & Hughes on a P&G margin with a contract value being mutually agreed on the progression of the design.

Key Points

Project was negotiated with W&H based on the growing strength of the relationship and past success in delivering project for Countdown.

The construction works commenced prior to the building consent being issued and while the design was still progressing.

The interior warehouse used insulated wall panelling to create walls and ceilings.

The store is a dedicated online shopping distribution centre and is the first of its kind for Countdown.

The store operates 24/7.

The store features an automatic picking machine which is purpose built and procured from the USA.

The completion of the project was wrapped up during Covid 19, level 4.

W&H achieved the completion date which was set at the commencement of the project.