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Farmers Rangiora

Project Name
Farmers Rangiora
$9.6 mil
Farmers Trading / Mandeville Properties

The new 2 Storey Retail/Commercial Farmers building was reopened in the winter of 2016. The 5900 sqm multilevel building (twice as large as the existing store) represents a vastly improved shopping environment in a store that exemplifies state-of-the-art retail thinking designed in harmony with the town’s main street architecture and landscape.  The building is not only home to Farmers but also other high street retailers such as Spec Savers and Whitcoulls to name two.


The construction was a standard steel skeletal frame with concrete ground and mid floors. It was clad with precast concrete panels, aluminium composite panel and colour steel which was also used for the roof covering.  The escalators were installed at an early stage and protected as the build continued. Floors were finished with high end ceramic no slip tiles that complimented the commercial, double glazed aluminium joinery which included a number of automatic sliding doors.