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Fonterra UHT Extensions Conveyor Bridge, Papakura

Project Name
Fonterra UHT Extensions Conveyor Bridge, Papakura
$1.30 mil
Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited

This project was broken down into three separate sectional work faces, which required to be carried out at the same time. The project site was operational by the client on a 24 hours, 7 day week. A new concrete suspended beverage plant room was constructed next to an existing high controlled hygienic area over an existing service road. The second sectional work area included extending an existing and operational dispatch area where hi-tech machinery was operational at all times as well as the movement of personal and equipment. The third sectional work area was the construction of a conveyor bridge which carried packaged product from the dispatch extension across the existing office and the main road entrance into the storage sheds, some 50m away. The conveyor bridge supports both equipment and personal.