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Steel & Tube Warehouse/Office

Project Name
Steel & Tube Warehouse/Office
$9.0 mil

The Steel and Tube – Glassworks project was the construction of a new, 9,000m2 manufacturing warehouse, 600m2 attached office area and yards. The construction of the manufacturing warehouse is typical steel portal skeleton with concrete combi floor slab.  Within the concrete slab floor were a number of pits, up to 6m deep, which are required for the manufacturing process.


The building was clad with a mixture of half height and full height precast concrete panels and colour steel cladding that matched the roofing and its interior has been fitted out with a number of client supplied overhead cranes.


The attached office is constructed with conventional timber framed walls, powder coated aluminium, double glazed windows with cement board cladding.  The interior was typical Gib lined walls and suspended tiled ceilings.


Watts & Hughes has a good working relationship with Goodman Nominee (NZ) Limited, previously completing 3 other industrial warehouses within the Glassworks Park for other key clients including DHL, Move Logistics and Bridgestone.