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Freshchoice Omokoroa

Project Name
Freshchoice Omokoroa
$4.85 mil
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For the Omokoroa Fresh Choice design-build, the second Fresh Choice store built by Watts & Hughes—the first being in Christchurch, the design process commenced in March 2015 with weekly design meetings held mainly in Auckland. The consent phase was split into three stages—foundations, building structure and building fitout & envelope with all being procured within the pre-determined timeframe.

The building foundations were a combination of shallow strip foundations over driven timber piles. Some issues were encountered with the ground conditions due to the time of year when the earthworks commenced as well as the fact that the existing substrate is clay so it could not be re-used as fill because it cannot be compacted. In some places it was possible to introduce lime stabilisation to reduce the moisture content of the existing clay.

There were a number of variations and scope changes required during the project which were initiated by either Progressive Enterprises or the owner operator. We were however, able to reach a compromise with the client which allowed us to achieve early completion of the project which was beneficial to all parties.

There are key differences between Countdown and Fresh Choice store particularly in colour schedules; polished floors in the retail area; meat rails are installed in the meat preparation area; trundler bays and pylon signs are supplied by the Main Contractor and the involvement and interface with the operator is significantly greater with Fresh Choice than with Countdown.