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Gilmours Hamilton Cold Store | Hamilton

Project Name
Gilmours Hamilton Cold Store | Hamilton

The Project entailed the full construction of a new standalone freezer room with a chiller also added at the entrance to the freezer room. The building footprint was some 220m2 and 9m in height to add new storage facilities to the existing Gilmours site. Currently before construction a number of portable chillers/freezers occupied site which the client wished to have removed.

The original design included for a 220m2 standalone cool room situated adjacent to the existing Gilmour’s Store. It required cutting up an existing concrete slab and carrying out bulk excavation and backfill works to establish foundation pads. Once poured a structural steel frame was installed onsite. Metal roofing was added as painting to the structural frame completed. Metal wall cladding was installed and new cool room paneling installed to form the walls and ceiling to both the freezer area as well as the chiller. Weir slabs were poured to the freezer room and concrete slab and ramp poured to the chiller. Fit out of all areas included fire protection, electrical and refrigeration as well as client installed racking.