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Grace Hospital

Project Name
Grace Hospital
$3.00 mil
Medical/Health Care
Norfolk Southern Cross

This job comprised a 500m2 addition being a radiology wing and a remodel of the main loading dock. This was added onto the existing Norfolk Southern Cross hospital in Tauranga. Our brief was to maintain the operation of the hospital at all times and comply with all dust and disease control measures.

The entry to the new wing was through the existing radiology tenancy which was remodeled and then crossed through the hospital. Works in the hospital common area and the existing radiology department where scheduled to work around commitments that the hospital had and we handed back these areas at each time they were required, in working order. The work in these areas was done over holiday periods and after hours. We maintained a close relationship with both the Hospital and the tenant to co-ordinate their requirements.

The loading dock area was required to operating every day for deliveries and rubbish removal while we were working on it. With the traffic through this area it was crucial to maintain a very clean worksite to prevent and dust entering the hospital.