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HP Smith Courts

Project Name
HP Smith Courts
Residential, Seismic Work
Christchurch City Council

HP Smith Courts comprised of 19 units requiring earthquake and essential repairs consisting of internal repairs including electrical and plumbing inspections, painting and decorating, insulation install, structural strengthening and floor coverings replacement. Asbestos removal was required for interior ceilings, that were damaged in the earthquakes.


The external works consisted of full replacement of existing single glazed windows too double-glazed aluminium joinery windows and doors, replacement of weatherboard cladding, crack repairs to pre-cast concrete panels, full exterior painting and revelling of Blocks A & B.


There was two, 2-storey blocks (consisting of 8 units per block) that required to be relevelled due to the subsidence caused from the earthquakes. One block was closed post-earthquake until these works were completed. Relevelling process involved excavating around the perimeter of the block, underpinning pads to all essential jacking/lifting points including removing internal concrete to achieve key point loading areas. The jacking process was carried out over a series of lifting increments, to a maximum height of 150mm at the worst point. Once levels were set, concrete footings were poured around the perimeter of the block and void filling was completed to the underside of the internal slab. Then the vapour barrier and concrete were reinstated.


Once the relevelling was complete and foundations installed, we were required to install a 150mm shotcrete stiffening shearwall to the back of both blocks to bring the NBS up to the requirements set by the engineer.