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Huggins Place (Social Housing)

Project Name
Huggins Place (Social Housing)
$1.1 mil
Christchurch City Council

The Huggins Place Housing Complex (Huggins Place) is a social housing complex located at Huggins Place (off Hills Road), Edgeware, Christchurch. It consists of 37 residential studio units that are grouped together to form eight blocks of either three or four units.


Huggins Place had suffered moderate damage to structural and non-structural elements as a result of the earthquakes that occurred in Christchurch over recent years. This damage included cracking of the weatherboard veneer cladding due to settlement of the perimeter wall and shear cracking. There was also cracking to both the render and the concrete of the perimeter footing in all residential unit blocks. Cracking was severe in the extension perimeter walls of block F and G. This damage was deemed low enough to not affect the capacities of the buildings.


The original scope of works consisted of repair works to 30 of the 37 units (7 units were completed previously) including asbestos removal to gib ceilings and exterior soffits, insulation upgrade to ceiling and under floor, remedial repair works to wall cracks and opened wall joints, re-gib works, painting, electrical and plumbing checks repairing any essential repairs, new floor coverings, exterior painting, drainage and hard landscaping works


During the construction period, there was discussions had around enhancing the sub floor insulation to the entire complex, consisting of removing liquefaction, damp proof membrane installation, insulation installation and new floor coverings throughout.


The contract works were completed in eight stages, with approx. 4 units being completed at each stage. This was due to minimizing the disruption to the tenants so they didn’t have to vacate the premises, they were only relocated on site, which all the tenants were pleased about.