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St Albans Community Centre

Project Name
St Albans Community Centre
Christchurch City Council

The new build community centre has an entirely timber structure. Driven timber piles and LVL subfloor support the cross laminated timber panels (CLT) which form the building frame. The panels were imported from Austria and had all service penetrations formed in the factory. This constituted an extremely detailed drawing co-ordination exercise prior to this operation given permission to manufacture.


The concept of timber use having the bare panels coated with a light was further amplified by the use of a timber sprung floor in the main hall. Elsewhere, offices and meeting rooms had traditional carpet covering s with access routes being rubber tiles.


Decorative hung ceiling panels were a feature of all rooms which incorporated the lights, AV and sprinkler services.


Externally, the outside of the building is clad with attractive radiata pine shiplap weatherboards, giving a welcoming appearance. There was a dedicated car parking area and the perimeter walkways consisted of block paving in herringbone pattern. A certain portion of these were porous to allow run off into swale areas.


A timber deck completes the building footprint, with level entry to North facing full height glazing elevation.