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Linfield Recreational & Cultural Centre

Project Name
Linfield Recreational & Cultural Centre
$1.2 mil
Recreational, Seismic Work
MWH Recovery

Linfield Cultural Recreational Centre is a two storey multi activity complex located on 56 Kearneys Road, Linwood. The 40 year old building consists of a block work construction sitting on timber piles, bearers and joists arrangement. The structure of the main hall and squash courts is supported by a portal frame system for the large open space needed. The addition of the North wing which comprises of changing rooms and a Gymnasium is constructed with a concrete floor and foundation arrangement.


The north wall of the building, which spans the rugby clubrooms and gym, had dropped. Visible cracking to the exterior concrete blocks was apparent; the area suffered from extensive liquefaction which was still visible on the playing fields and this was given as the cause of the north wall dropping by at least 50mm. This in turn has caused interior wall damage. Similar movement had occurred to the upstairs flooring in the club lounge and to internal doors which would not close due to movements to the jambs.


There was internal cosmetic cracking throughout the complex to walls and ceilings. The walls on either side of the two squash courts had moved, opening a gap between the wall and flooring. The car park asphalt and kerbing had been extensively damaged with slumping and cracking.


Watts & Hughes also had to disconnect the building from another part of the building, lift the building, underpin footings of the foundation beams and lay new ring foundations and block walls.