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Veronica Place (Social Housing)

Project Name
Veronica Place
Christchurch City Council

Veronica Place is a Christchurch City Council social housing unit/s located in Bishopdale, Christchurch. The scope of works required Watts & Hughes to complete earthquake repair works on the units. There were 36 units, each was approximately 45-50m2 on floor area.


The project was delivered in 6 stages, where the first 6 were completed followed by the second 6 and so forth. Watts and Hughes took this approach in the best interest of the client and the residents of Veronica Place, as this meant the client only had to relocate the tenants temporarily and in a staged process.


Watts and Hughes put forward their best team to deliver this project in a live environment working closely with Christchurch City Council. We managed to deliver the project 3 weeks before programme.