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Waterworld (Ceiling & Dive Tower)

Project Name
Waterworld (Ceiling & Dive Tower)
$2.00 mil
Remedial Works
Hamilton City Council

The project encompassed the renovation of the roof structure and ceiling to the Olympic size pool and dive tower. This included renovating the existing steel structure, removing the existing ceilings and installing a double layer suspended ceiling. The works involved a series of remedial actions that needed to be undertaken to prevent water vapour escaping the building in an uncontrolled manner, the result of which was significant decay in the roof and wall structures.

We initially upgraded the extract and supply systems for air flow and introduce a negative pressurisation to the building to help with air handling. The entire 4,000m2 ceiling was stripped out and replaced with a suspended, insulated poly panel vapour barrier. For acoustic treatment this was then overlaid with a direct fix acoustic tile. Work was also undertaken to external walls to upgrade the thermal and watertightness and the structure of the dive towers was shot blasted and epoxy coated as there was significant corrosion due to the humidity and corrosive chemicals combined with insufficient air flow.

Working above the swimming pools meant Watts & Hughes used innovative construction techniques, scaffolding systems and products to minimise the programme duration and maximise the safety to the public, while maintaining the required use of the pool complex. A good working relationship has developed between the Client, Staff, Consultants and Watts & Hughes. This enabled the project to proceed smoothly and an excellent quality of finish was achieved that all parties can be proud of.