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Te Kapehu School – Planting Seeds of Sustainability and Giving Back!

September 13, 2023

Excited to share a heartwarming chapter in our journey of community engagement!  At Watts & Hughes Construction, we’re passionate about constructing more than just buildings – we’re committed to nurturing the environment that surrounds them.  As part of our celebration upon completing our works at Te Kapehu Riccarton School in Christchurch, we embarked on a truly special Tree Planting Day.

Our endeavor went beyond traditional construction.  We extended our care by donating an assortment of fruit trees and vegetables, sowing the seeds of a living legacy that nurtures both the land its community.  But our impact didn’t stop there.  We had the incredible opportunity to engage with the young minds of Te Kapehu Riccarton School through an interactive session on sustainability.  We shared the importance of safeguarding our planet and how they, as future guardians of the forest, can play a vital role.

This day was more than just about trees – it was giving back.  By completing our work at Te Kapehu Riccarton School, we felt the warmth of a community that became like family.  To celebrate this shared journey, we wanted to gift the school with not just a tangible contribution, but also an enduring lesson in the power of sustainable practices.

As we reflect on this experience, we’re reminded that our impact goes far beyond the structures we build.  It’s about nurturing growth, foraging connections and leaving a positive mark on the world around us.  Together, we’re planting the seeds of positive change and cultivating a future that’s greener, brighter and more sustainable.