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Archives NZ Film Processing Laboratory – Alterations & fitout

Project Name
Archives NZ Film Processing Laboratory - Alterations & fitout
$0.63 mil
Remedial Works
The Sovereign Right of New Zealand Acting by and Through the Chief Executive of the Department of Internal affairs

The project consisted of constructing a film processing/restoration lab within the existing building. The original design of the works consisted of constructing a false floor complete with drainage and concrete tank pads as well as new process rooms. Vinyl coverings were fitted to both floor and wall areas along with specialised floor coatings. A very sophisticated mechanical system was required due to the chemicals used in the processing of films.

A false floor had to be constructed in the tank area and film loader rooms complete with vinyl to floor and wall areas andso had to be constructed. A new stainless steel drain was installed to the main raised floor area along with twe concrete tank pads. The tanks were fitted by the client.

Full height walls were constructed in the office and processing areas with new vinyl floor coverings and Sika specialised floor coverings and plasterboard wall coverings with a paint finish.