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Chambers & Station Apartments, Auckland

Project Name
Chambers & Station Apartments, Auckland
$5.0 mil
W J Investment Ltd

Chambers and Station, a heritage conversion of Mt Eden’s former mayoral chambers and Mt Eden fire station prior to the incorporation of Mt Eden Borough ouncil into Auckland City in 1989.
The Chambers Building was designed by Wade & Wade and opened in March 1913. This building was enlarged in 1940 to its current foot print. The Penthouse apartment # 6 now displays the re-exposed feature exterior plaster frieze works after 73 years of being hidden on the 1940’s extension roof framing.
The Fire Station ceased functioning in 1970’s with the territorial Authority using the building as general office space complementing the Chambers building till both building’s sale into private hands around 2013.
This conversion increased floor area of the Chambers building with the additional of a roof garden and loft room, whilst extensively re-configuring this commercial building for residential use.
The Fire Station foot print as also increased marginally at ground level, which now awards a generous outdoor living area overhead for the upstairs penthouse apartment # 5 of the Station Building.
Careful attention throughout has been paid to retain the historical features of both buildings in this conversion with respect given to the architectural language that each historical building displayed. The industrial nature of the Fire Station has been mindfully retained distinct from the ornate treatment Wade & Wade designed into the Chambers building.
Complete modernization of all the services for the development took place, including inclusion of lift access from new underground car park awarding off street parking for residents for up to 2 cars per Apartment and a roof garden for all residents to enjoy on top of the car park.
The buildings were upgraded to comply fully with current earthquake standards for 2015.
The project was a careful mix of restoring the old to its former glory whilst juxtaposing brand new building elements in with the old.