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Wigram Airforce Museum

Project Name
Wigram Airforce Museum HVAC Upgrade
$3.7 mil
Government Infrastructure
New Zealand Defence Force

The Wigram Airforce Museum Project required the demolition of the old ceilings in the Atrium area. New rondo, seismic bracing and Decortech ceiling panels were installed with a hidden clip system, which allows no fixings to be seen when all the panels are in place.


All new AC/HVAC was installed throughout the Atrium area and in all the rooms. Three new air handling units and a new ducting system were installed to the exterior. Penetrations had to be cut in the existing roof and upstands built for the air in/out takes. Plinths were installed to carry the screen on top of the building at the entrance, this hiding all the in/out takes on the roof.


Watts & Hughes was completing the Wigram Museum HVAC Project when the NZDF approached us about completing a full re-roof of the museum, to follow on from the HVAC works. KingSpan KingZip cladding was installed. This is a roofing system that is installed on a clip system with an upstand. The sheets were approximately 44m long. These were lifted onto the roof using a 300 ton crane that was set up on the South side of the hanger, with the roofing product lifted from the West side over the building.


The cladding on the East and West was removed and replaced. All new gutters and downpipes were installed with a major 250mm horizontal gutter on the East side to take the downpipes, which then lead into the new drainage system sump. A new V bracing system was installed to the purlins throughout the hanger.


Structural and fire upgrades were completed to the balcony, including two posts installed to support the area. Blocking to the underside was undertaken for the fire proofing to the stairs and a new balcony was installed. New ply flooring and carpet were installed to these areas. New sprinklers were installed to the underside.


A new soak pit was installed to the East side of the hanger with new sumps, manholes and lines to assist in the removal of the water. On the West side of the hanger new manholes, sumps and lines were all installed to complement the upgrade. Channel grates were installed over all the open channels around the hanger.