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Everil Orr Retirement Village Stage 3

Project Name
Everil Orr Retirement Village Stage 3
Airdale Property Trust
Construction Services

Stage 3 is the latest phase in the redevelopment of the Everil Orr Retirement Village. The current building replaces the current care facilities on site. It has 4 levels of accommodation and a footprint of 2,144sqm. The building will accommodate a total of 68 care suits and 8 apartments. The Care suits are broken down into:

  • 49 standard rooms made up of 10 small care, 2 narrow care, 7 special care & 30 standard care rooms
  • 19 dementia rooms (as part of a secure facility) made up of 15 standard care, 2 small care and 2 large care rooms

The building totals 7,189sqm gross floor area and is being constructed on a full rock burdened site. The general type of construction is a combination of shallow pad and beam foundations including rock anchors, with the superstructure consisting of precast panels, flat slabs and balconies, coupled with structural steel and insitu concrete topping.

The enabling stage of this project is virtually complete which included the demolition of the existing buildings as well as asbestos removal, and the bulk cut and fill of the site ready for construction to commence.